HIKROBOT Lens, FA Series, KF

12mm, F2.4 ~ F16, Ø 19.3mm (1.2"), C-Mount

HIKROBOT Lens, FA Series, KF

Self-developed FA series lens especially for vision application characteristics, has the design concept of high performance and low cost. The product features high definition, better image center-edge definition consistency, and higher relative illumination to provide better choices.
The lens has high resolution and can support a minimum of 2.1μm pixels. It also has excellent image center and edge clarity consistency which can ensure excellent image quality.

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  • Ultra high resolution and consistency of image clarity
  • 1.2″ image circle, bigger aperture, lower distortion, higher illumination relative
  • Achromatic optical system design, better imaging performance with color camera
  • Maintain excellent optical properties at different object distances
  • Excellent vibration resistance and stability at high and low temperature performance, optical axis shifting within pixel level
  • Multilayer and broadband coating design, compatible with visible and near infrared applications

Model Product Model MVL-KF1224M-25MP
Type 12mm, F2.4, 1.2″, 25MP Lens, C-Mount
Performance Focal length 12 mm
F-Number F2.4 ~ F16
Image Size Φ19.3 mm(1.2″)
Distortion 0.39%
Minimum Object Distance 0.1 m
Field of View D(19.30mm):76.37°H(14.60mm):62.32°V(12.63mm):55.34°
Mechanical Iris Control Manual
Focus Control Manual
Mount C-Mount
Flange Back Length 17.526 mm
Dimension Φ50 × 66.96 mm
Weight 215 g
Temperature -10 ~ 50°C
General Certification RoHS2.0

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