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InnoSMART AUTOMATION is a leading supplier for professional imaging components and machine vision solutions from the world’s best manufacturers.

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Being honest and having strong moral principles are at the heart of our culture, we firmly believe that sincerity will lead to mutual benefit and keeping promises is the foundation of our characteristics and business ethics.

Continuous Innovation

From the date of establishment, we created so many "breakthroughs" which have already been recorded in the machine vision history of China. With a global vision and a natural sense of urgency, however, we clearly understand that "innovation capability" is the so

People Oriented

We respect Human Values and regard employees as our most valuable assets. All of our efforts aim to finally serve people, and we carefully hear voices of each partner. We really enjoy seeing customers’ ideas come to life, employees’ dreams are turned into realities, and partners’ wishes come true. And such kind of successful stories spread throughout the country and the whole world.

Win-Win Cooperation

We treat every customer as one of our partners, refuse to play "zero-sum game" in the business, and believe that all participants in the game will become the winner. With a sincere heart, we always take a partner’s responsibility to create values for our customers and then realize our own values in return.

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