LOTS High Luminance Back Light Led Lights

L297xW297x25 mm, 24V, 62.4W, BLUE

LOTS High Luminance Back Light Led Lights

Adopting lightweight design, the new back light 2FT series completely change the old and heavy image. The installation groove can be used as a heat sink, which not only can lighten the weight, but also increase the brightness and installation flexibility. Besides, the use of imported ultra-thin chip LEDs can effectively improve the brightness and uniformity.

  • Compact design, high efficiently use the eco-friendly material
  • Import ultrathin paste LED used, high luminance, high uniformity
  • Shell processed by high precision mould, shorten the difference between different batch
  • Multiple installation method, easy to install
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  • Contour dimension measurement
  • Damaged edge inspection
  • Transparency impurity inspection
  • Oral liquid level height inspection
Illumination property diagram (LTS-2FT100100-W model) & Uniformity (Relative irradiance):
Imaging instance: contour inspection
Installation method

Coding rules:

(Use the color circles below to get to the specific variant of the products)

Model Color Dimension Voltage Power
LTS-2FT3030-R/BGW / L44xW44xH17(mm) 24V 0.7W/1.2W
LTS-2FT4060-R/BGW / L54xW74xH17(mm) 24V 1.4W/2.2W
LTS-2FT5050-R/BGW / L64xW64xH17(mm) 24V 2.4W/3.6W
LTS-2FT6060-R/BGW / L74XW74XH17(mm) 24V 2.9W/4.8W
LTS-2FT7070-R/BGW / L84xW84xH17(mm) 24V 3.8W/5.8W
LTS-2FT7560-R/BGW / L89xW74xH17(mm) 24V 3.8W/5.8W
LTS-2FT8060-R/BGW / L94xW74xH17(mm) 24V 3.8W/6.2W
LTS-2FT8080-R/BGW / L94xW94xH17(mm) 24V 4.3W/7.2W
LTS-2FT9090-R/BGW / L104xW104xH17(mm) 24V 5.8W/9.6W
LTS-2FT100100-R/BGW / L114xW114xH17(mm) 24V 7.7W/11.5W
LTS-2FT11060-R/BGW / L124xW74xH17(mm) 24V 4.3W/7.2W
LTS-2FT11075-R/BGW / L124xW89xH17(mm) 24V 4.6W/7.7W
LTS-2FT120120-R/BGW / L134xW134xH17(mm) 24V 9.6W/14.4W
LTS-2FT13050-R/BGW / L144xW64xH17(mm) 24V 4.1W/6.7W
LTS-2FT130130-R/BGW / L144xW144xH17(mm) 24V 10.1W/16.8W
LTS-2FT140140-R/BGW / L154xW154xH17(mm) 24V 11.8W/18.5W
LTS-2FT15050-R/BGW / L164xW64xH17(mm) 24V 5.8W/8.6W
LTS-2FT150100-R/BGW / L164xW114xH17(mm) 24V 8.6W/14.4W
LTS-2FT150150-R/BGW / L164xW164xH17(mm) 24V 11.5W/19.2W
LTS-2FT160160-R/BGW / L174xW174xH17(mm) 24V 15.4W/23.0W
LTS-2FT17090-R/BGW / L184xW104xH17(mm) 24V 10.1W/15.1W
LTS-2FT170170-R/BGW / L184xW184xH17mm 24V 17.3W/26.0W
LTS-2FT180100-R/BGW / L194xW114xH19(mm) 24V 10.1W/16.8W
LTS-2FT180140-R/BGW / L194xW154xH19(mm) 24V 11.5W/19.2W
LTS-2FT180180-R/BGW / L194xW194xH19(mm) 24V 18.7W/28.1W
LTS-3FT20060-R/BGW / L217xW77xH23(mm) 24V 7.2W/12.0W
LTS-3FT200100-R/BGW / L217xW117xH23(mm) 24V 10.8W/18.0W
LTS-3FT200150-R/BGW / L217xW167xH23(mm) 24V 15.1W/25.2W
LTS-3FT200200-R/BGW / L217xW217xH23(mm) 24V 20.2W/33.6W
LTS-3FT20641-R/BGW / L223xW58xH25(mm) 24V 5.3W/7.9W
LTS-3FT24070-R/BGW / L257xW87xH25(mm) 24V 11.5W/17.3W
LTS-3FT24996-R/BGW / L266xW113xH25(mm) 24V 14.4W/21.6W
LTS-3FT250250-R/BGW / L267xW267xH25(mm) 24V 33.6W/50.4W
LTS-3FT260120-R/BGW / L277xW137xH25(mm) 24V 18.2W//27.4W
LTS-3FT260190-R/BGW / L277xW207xH25(mm) 24V 25.9W/38.9W
LTS-3FT260260-R/BGW / L277xW277xH25(mm) 24V 34.6W/51.9W
LTS-3FT280280-R/BGW / L297xW297x25(mm) 24V 37.4W/62.4W
LTS-3FT30060-R/BGW / L317xW77xH27(mm) 24V 11.5W/17.3W
LTS-3FT30641-R/BGW / L323xW58xH27(mm) 24V 7.7W/11.5W
LTS-3FT300100-R/BGW / L317xW117xH25(mm) 24V 15.1W/25.2W
LTS-3FT300200-R/BGW / L317xW217xH27(mm) 24V 28.8W/50.4W
LTS-3FT300300-R/BGW / L317xW317xH27(mm) 24V 47.0W/77.3W
LTS-3FT310140-R/BGW / L327xW157xH25(mm) 24V 24.0W/36.0W
LTS-3FT310310-R/BGW / L327xW327xH27(mm) 24V 52.8W/79.2W
LTS-3FT340310-R/BGW / L370xW346xH27(mm) 24V 56.2W/93.6W
LTS-3FT35050-R/BGW / L367xW67xH27(mm) 24V 10.6W/17.3W
LTS-3FT350350-R/BGW / L367xW367xH25(mm) 24V 77.8W/116.6W
LTS-3FT397397-R/BGW / L414xW414xH25(mm) 24V 86.4W/144W
LTS-3FT400250-R/BGW / L414xW267xH25(mm) 24V 54.7W/91.2W
LTS-3FT400300-R/BGW / L417xW317xH28(mm) 24V 64.8W/108W
LTS-3FT400400-R/BGW / L417xW417xH28(mm) 24V 86.4W/144.0W
LTS-3FT500400-R/BGW / L517xW417xH31(mm) 24V 107.5W/170W
LTS-3FT500500-R/BGW / L517xW517xH31(mm) 24V 138.2W/207.4W
LTS-3FT60060-R/BGW / L617xW77xH27(mm) 24V 19.4W/32.4W
LTS-3FT640427-R/BGW / L657xW444xH31(mm) 24V 69.1W/115.2W
LTS-3FT905703-R/BGW / L950xW720xH35(mm) 24V 233.3W/388.8W
LTS-3FT1210680-R/BGW / L1260xW721xH53(mm) 24V 345.6W/576W

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