Ultraviolet Machine Vision Light

Out dia. φ50, Inner Dia. φ25, Height 25mm, 24V, 5.8W, Backlight, UV

The Ultraviolet light consists of particles or chip LED arrays. The 365-410 nm wavelength is available. The shape and illumination angle can be customized at the same time. For example, ring light, bar light, bottom back light, shadowless dome light

  • Wavelength optional: 365-405nm
  • Use for high precision applications
  • Metal surface tiny scratch inspection
  • Fake currency inspection
  • UV curing printed ink
  • Cigarette case anti-fake inspection
Spectrum chart & Illumination property diagram:
Imaging instance: electrocircuit inspection

Coding rules:

(Use the color circles below to get to the specific variant of the products)

Product Model Color Dimension Voltage Power
Ringultraviolet light LTS-RN5060-UV Out dia. φ50, Inner Dia. φ20, Height 9mm 24V 1.7W
LTS-RN7090-UV Out dia. φ60, Inner Dia.φ30, Height 11mm 24V 3.6W
LTS-RN12030-UV Out dia. φ74, Inner Dia. φ38, Height 9mm 24V 7.2W
Coaxialultraviolet light LTS-2COX40-UV Out dia. φ120, Inner Dia. φ86, Height 28mm 24V 2.6W
LTS-2COX50-IR Out dia. φ146, Inner Dia. φ128, Height 25mm 24V 5.4W
Back ultraviolet light LTS-2FT5050-UV Out dia. φ40, Inner Dia. φ16, Height 18mm 24V 3.6W
LTS-2FT7070-UV Out dia. φ50, Inner Dia. φ25, Height 25mm 24V 5.8W
LTS-2FT8080-UV Out dia. φ60, Inner Dia. φ35, Height 25mm 24V 7.2W
LTS-2FT100100-UV Out dia. φ70, Inner Dia. φ33, Height 20mm 24V 11.5W
LTS-2FT150150-UV Out dia. φ74, Inner Dia. φ40, Height 20mm 24V 19.2W
Bar ultraviolet light LTS-2BR6016-UV Out dia. φ43, Inner Dia. φ20, Height 13mm 24V 1.4W
LTS-2BR9016-UV Out dia. φ50, Inner Dia. φ20, Height 22mm 24V 2.2
LTS-2BR18016-UV Out dia. φ70, Inner Dia. φ38, Height 21mm 24V 4.3W
LTS-2BR7530-UV Out dia. φ90, Inner Dia. φ56, Height 20.5mm 24V 3.6W
LTS-2BR12530-UV Out dia. φ100, Inner Dia. φ60, Height 22mm 24V 6.0W
* UV & IR light can be customized as required.