LOTS Coaxial Line Scan Light Lights

L220xW59xH161.5 mm, 24V, 90W, BLUE

LOTS Coaxial Line Scan Light Lights

Special cylindrical condenser lens is adopted to gather high brightness LEDs into a high brightness linear light; Optimal uniform light for shiny and reflective surfaces.

  • Special structure and optical lens design adopted
  • Good uniformity
  • Good stability and high heat dissipation performance
  • Fan cooling
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  • PCB inspection
  • Mobile screen inspection
  • Steel plate inspection
  • Glass scratch inspection
Illumination property diagram (LTS-2COXL220-W model) & Distribution of Relative irradiance:
Imaging instance:display screen surface defect:
Option / Stability design:
Test diagram:

Coding rules:

(Use the color circles below to get to the specific variant of the products)

Model Color Dimension Voltage Power
LTS-2COXL100-R/BGW / L100xW59xH161.5(mm) 24V 36W
LTS-2COXL140-R/BGW / L140xW59xH161.5(mm) 24V 54W
LTS-2COXL180-R/BGW / L180xW59xH161.5(mm) 24V 72W
LTS-2COXL220-R/BGW / L220xW59xH161.5(mm) 24V 90W
LTS-2COXL260-R/BGW / L260xW59xH161.5(mm) 24V 108W
LTS-2COXL300-R/BGW / L300xW59xH161.5mm) 24V 126W
LTS-2COXL340-R/BGW / L340xW59xH161.5(mm) 24V 144W
LTS-2COXL380-R/BGW / L380xW59xH161.5(mm) 24V 162W
LTS-2COXL420-R/BGW / L420xW59xH161.5(mm) 24V 180W
LTS-2COXL460-R/BGW / L460xW59xH161.5(mm) 24V 198W
LTS-2COXL500-R/BGW / L500xW59xH161.5(mm) 24V 216W
LTS-2COXL900-R/BGW / L900xW59xH161.5(mm) 24V 396W
* UV & IR light can be customized as required.

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