HIKROBOT Smart Camera SC2000E Series

mini vision sensor, 6mm focal length, 0.4MP (704 × 540), 60 fps, Mono

HIKROBOT Smart Camera SC2000E Series

The SC2000E vision sensor integrates full functions of a vision system: lighting, acquisition, processing, and communication in minimal fuselage. Bring new choices for Y/N, P/N verifications with excellent performance in error-proofing detection scenarios.
Inspection solutions such as presence/absence, U/D, Positioning, counting, etc. are often used for error-proof inspection. More visual inspection tools can provide the optimal solution for parts of different shapes on the production line, making visual application easier.
Red, blue, white sources provide better imaging for products of different colors.
Visible light polarization mirror to filter glare interference.
SV/VT series display products provide visual real-time detection interface and statistics.
The camera is equipped with 0.6m cable, more convenient to use on site.

  • Adopts embedded hardware platform for high-speed image processing.
  • Adopts built-in positioning and measurement algorithms to detect object’s existence, count patterns and spots, etc.
  • Multiple IO interfaces for input and output signals.
  • Multiple indicators for displaying device status.
  • Adopts light source to ensure uniform brightness in the illuminated area.
  • Supports multiple communication protocols, including Serial Port, TCP, UDP, FTP, Profinet, Modbus, Ethernet/IP, etc.

Model Product Model MV-SC2004EM-06S-WBN-Mini
Type SC2000E series mini vision sensor,6mm focal length,0.4MP,Mono
Tool Vision tool Count: Pattern count, edge count, and spot countExistence: Circle existence, line existence, spot existence, edge existence, and pattern existenceLocation: FixtureLogic tool: Condition judge, character comparison, logic judge, and calculatorMeasurement: L2L angle, diameter measurement, brightness average value, contrast measurement, width measurement, P2L measurement, greyscale size, line angle, and edge width measurementRecognition: OCR, and classification registration
Solution capacity Supports solution importing and exporting, up to 8 solutions and 40 modules can be stored.
Communication protocol Serial Port, TCP, UDP, FTP, Profinet, Modbus, Ethernet/IP
Camera Sensor type CMOS, global shutter
Pixel size 6.9 µm × 6.9 µm
Sensor size 1/2.9″
Resolution 704 × 540
Max. frame rate 60 fps
Dynamic range 74 dB
SNR 41 dB
Gain 0 dB to 15 dB
Exposure time 16 μs to 1 sec
Pixel format Mono 8
Mono/color Mono
Electrical feature Data interface Fast Ethernet
Digital I/O 17-pin M12 connector provides power, Ethernet, serial port, and digital I/O, including configurable I/O × 4 (Line 0/1/2/3). Device trigger via pressing button supported. Output signals support NPN only.
Power supply 12 VDC to 24 VDC
Max. power consumption Approx. 7.5 W@12 VDC
Mechanical Lens mount M10-mount, adjusting focus manually supported
Focal length 6.72 mm (0.3″)
Lens cap Transparent lens cap.
Light source White LED lamp × 4
Indicator Power indicator (PWR), network indicator (LNK), and status indicator (STS).
Dimension 46 mm × 38 mm × 25 mm (1.8″ × 1.5″ × 1.0″)
Weight Approx. 160 g (0.35 lb.)
Ingress protection IP65 (under proper installation of lens and wiring)
Temperature Working temperature: 0 °C to 50 °C (32 °F to 122 °F); Storage temperature: -30 °C to 70 °C (-22 °F to 158 °F)
Humidity 20% to 95% RH, non-condensing
General Client software SCMVS
Certification CE, KC

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