HIKROBOT Area Scan Camera CS Series

2.4 μm, 59.6 fps @ 3072 × 2048, Mono, C-Mount, USB 3.0/2.0

HIKROBOT Area Scan Camera CS Series

The new second-generation CS series industrial cameras are equipped with excellent image sensors, high dynamic range, good signal-to-noise ratio, excellent image quality, excellent power consumption design, compatible with machine vision standard protocols and GenlCam standards, and seamlessly connect with third-party software.
New-generation appearance structure, four-sided installation support, wider voltage access, wider temperature width, better adapt to complex visual application scenarios.
The camera has built-in a variety of complex algorithms and functions, such as lossless compression, 2D noise reduction, lens shading correction, CCM, etc., which can improve the camera image quality in all directions, while ensuring the camera has a higher frame rate and more excellent quality.

  • Adopts brand new design to reduce power consumption.
  • Compact design with mounting holes on panels for flexible mounting from 4 sides.
  • Adopts Sony® IMX178 sensor to provide high sensitivity, wide dynamic range, and low noise.
  • Supports image compression mode and noise reduction function.
  • Adopts active alignment techniques for assembling.
  • Compatible with USB3 Vision Protocol, GenlCam Standard, and the third-party software based on the protocol and standard.

Model Product Model MV-CS060-10UM-PRO
Type 6MP Area Scan Camera, USB3.0,IMX178,Mono,PRO
Performance Sensor type CMOS, rolling shutter
Sensor model IMX178
Pixel size 2.4 μm × 2.4 μm
Sensor size 1/1.8″
Resolution 3072 × 2048
Max. frame rate 59.6fps @3072 × 2048
Dynamic range 71.3 dB
SNR 41.3 dB
Gain 0 dB to 24 dB
Exposure time 32 us to 1 sec
Exposure mode Off/Once/Continuous exposure mode, supports Global Reset, Trigger Rolling, and Rolling
Mono/color Mono
Pixel format Mono 8/10/12, Bayer RG 8/10/10p/12/12p,YUV422Packed, YUV422_YUYV_Packed, RGB8, BGR 8
Binning Supports 1 × 1, 2 × 2
Decimation Supports 1 × 1, 2 × 2, 4 × 4
Reverse image Supports horizontal and vertical reverse image output
Electrical feature Data interface USB3.0
Digital I/O 6-pin Hirose connector provides power and I/O, including opto-isolated input × 1 (Line 0), opto-isolated output × 1 (Line 1), bi-directional non-isolated I/O × 1 (Line 2).
Power supply 9 VDC to 24 VDC, supports USB3.0 power supply
Power consumption Typ. 2.3 W@5 VDC (USB3.0 provides power supply)
Mechanical Lens mount C-Mount
Dimension 29 mm × 29 mm × 30 mm (1.1″ × 1.1″ × 1.2″)
Weight Approx. 80 g (0.18 lb.)
Ingress protection IP40 (under proper lens installation and wiring)
Temperature Working temperature: -30 °C to 60 °C (-22 °F to 140 °F); Storage temperature: -30 °C to 70 °C (-22 °F to 158 °F)
Humidity 20% to 95% RH, non-condensing
General Client software MVS or third-party software meeting with USB3.0 Vision Protocol
Operating system 32/64-bit Windows XP/7/10, 32/64-bit Linux and 64-bit MacOS
Compatibility USB3 Vision, GenlCam
Certification CE, RoHS, KC
EMVA data(typical) Quantum efficiency 71.7%
Dark noise 6.2e-@10-bit
Signal-to-noise ratio 41.4 dB
Saturation capacity 13.6 ke-
Dynamic range 66.2 dB

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