LOTS Multi-angle Ring Light Vision System Lighting

Out dia. φ80,Inner Dia. φ33,Height 36.5mm, 24V, 17.3W, BLUE

LOTS Multi-angle Ring Light Vision System Lighting

It adopts high intensity and high brightness LEDs and its brightness can be controlled independently in each angle to inspect scratches, stains and other defects on glass surface accurately.

  • Multiple angle can be controlled independently, compact structure
  • Can customized that multiple color can be controlled independently
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  • Glass surface scratch inspection, multiple characteristics of the microscope inspection
Illumination property diagram (LTS-RNMU225-W model) & Uniformity (Relative irradiance):
Imaging instance: defect inspection

Coding rules:

(Use the color circles below to get to the specific variant of the products)

Model Color Dimension Voltage Power
LTS-RNMU75-R/BGW / Out dia. φ80, Inner Dia. φ33, Height 36.5mm 24V 17.3W
LTS-RNMU120-W Out dia. φ120, Inner Dia. φ40, Height 45mm 24V 8.9W
LTS-RNMU150-W Out dia. φ150, Inner Dia. φ60, Height 53mm 24V 28.1W
LTS-RNMU203-W Out dia. φ203.2, Inner Dia. φ95.25, Height 40mm 24V 16.8W
LTS-RNMU225-W Out dia. φ225, Inner Dia. φ35, Height 64mm 24V 26.6W
* UV & IR light can be customized as required.

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