LOTS Waterproof / dustproof Lights For Art

Waterproof, Out dia. φ73, Inner Dia. φ25, Height 27mm, 90° Angle, 24V, 4.3W, BLUE

LOTS Waterproof / dustproof Lights For Art

Used in much dust and water environment, waterproof ability reaches IP67.

  • Used at humid, dusty or some relatively harsh environment
  • Adopted special structure design with high leakproofness
  • Adopted special heat dissipating material with good heat dissipating
  • Variety outline, can be customized
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Dustproof test / Waterproof test:

Coding rules:

(Use the color circles below to get to the specific variant of the products)

Model Color Dimension Voltage Power
LTS-RN7390-R/BGW / Out dia. φ73, Inner Dia. φ25, Height 27mm 24V 2.6W/4.3W
LTS-RN13090-R/BGW / Out dia. φ130, Inner Dia. φ45, Height 40mm 24V 8.4W/14.0W
LTS-FT10073-R/BGW / L110.5xW83.5xH39.5(mm) 24V 6.5W/11.9W
LTS-FT182130-R/BGW / L192.5xW144xH30.5(mm) 24V 9.6W/19.2W
LTS-BR9032-R/BGW / L104xW42.5xH28(mm) 24V 2.4W/4.1W
LTS-BR25425-R/BGW / L264.5xW35.5xH28(mm) 24V 5.3W/9.6W
LTS-BR37540-R/BGW / L385.5xW50.5xH28(mm) 24V 7.4W/11.8W
LTS-BR49525-R/BGW / L505.5xW35.5xH28(mm) 24V 5.8W/10.6W
LTS-LIN18420-R/BGW / L204xW79xH40(mm) 24V 44.4W
* UV & IR light can be customized as required.

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