Long Distance Linear Light Flat Led Lamp

L360xW189xH190 mm, 24V, 50W, 220V power plug, WHITE

Long Distance Linear Light Flat Led Lamp

Integrated design of power supply and heat dissipation, emitting with high brightness and long distance, suitable for damp, dusty and other relatively harsh environment.

  • Used in the humidity, dusty environment
  • High luminance, long distance emitting
  • High heat dissipation performance, use special heat dissipation design
  • The length can be customized as requires
  • Power supply intergration
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Illumination property diagram (LTS-LIP360-W-IP model) & Light spot diagram:

The light band is 100MM under 3M working distance, the lumination can reach 6500LUX. It allows line-scan and area-scan, two models of image capture. This light can connect 220V power and adjust the luminance directly. It has waterproof, dustproof function, the level can be Ip67.Imaging instance: mobile bottom shrapnel direction inspection.

Coding rules:

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Model Color Dimension Voltage Power Adapted controller
LTS-LIP360-W-IP L360xW189xH190(mm) 24V 50W 220V power plug
* UV & IR light can be customized as required.