Collimated Collector Light

L148 x Out dia. φ61mm, 1000mA, 3W, RED

Collimated Collector Light

The parallel spot light adopts high power LEDs. Uniform light beams are converged through a diffusion plate by using a condenser lens. Light direction and parallelism are good. It can be used as backlight and is suitable for long distance inspection.

  • High luminance, concentrated light, good parallelism
  • Apply to long-distance inspection
  • Durable steady structure, high heat dispersion performance
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  • PCB printed character inspection
  • The surface scratch inspection
  • Edge contour inspection
  • Mark position inspection
Illumination property diagram (LTS-HSL15058-W model) & Uniformity (Relative irradiance):
Imaging instance: dead pixel inspection

Coding rules:

(Use the color circles below to get to the specific variant of the products)

Model Color Dimension Current Power
LTS-HSL11070-R/BGW / L110x Out dia. φ70(mm) 1000mA 3W
LTS-HSL14861-R/BGW / L148x Out dia. φ61(mm) 1000mA 3W
LTS-HSL15058-RBG L150.5x Out dia. φ58(mm) 1000mA 3W
LTS-HSL15058-W L150.5x Out dia. φ58(mm) 2500mA 10W
* UV & IR light can be customized as required.