High Power Bar Light Natural

L750xW22xH36 mm, 24V, 36.0W, WHITE

High Power Bar Light Natural

Adopted to high power LED design, the luminance is 2-3 times than original. Adapted to the enrironment where highlight is needed. Easy to install, good heat-dissipation.

  • High power LED used, lighting to long working distance, high luminance
  • Multiple installation method, easy to install
  • One-piece aluminium alloy design, high heat transmitting performance
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  • Big size LCD panel defect inspection
  • Metal surface defect inspection
  • Printing character defect inspection
  • Connector pin flatness inspection
Illumination property diagram & Uniformity (Relative irradiance):
Imaging instance: PCB QR code inspection:

Coding rules:

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Model Color Dimension Voltage Power
LTS-4BRH15016-R/BGW / L150xW22xH36mm) 24V 7.2W/7.2W
LTS-4BRH30016-R/BGW / L300xW22xH36(mm) 24V 14.4W/14.4W
LTS-4BRH45016-R/BGW / L450xW22xH36(mm) 24V 21.6W/21.6W
LTS-4BRH60016-R/BGW / L600xW22xH36(mm) 24V 28.8W/28.8W
LTS-4BRH75016-R/BGW / L750xW22xH36(mm) 24V 36.0W/36.0W
LTS-4BRH90016-R/BGW / L900xW22xH36(mm) 24V 43.2W/43.2W
LTS-4BRH15030-R/BGW / L150xW22xH36(mm) 24V 14.4W/14.4W
LTS-4BRH30030-R/BGW / L300xW22xH36(mm) 24V 28.8W/28.8W
LTS-4BRH45030-R/BGW / L450xW22xH36(mm) 24V 43.2W/43.2W
LTS-4BRH60030-R/BGW / L600xW22xH36(mm) 24V 57.6W/57.6W
LTS-4BRH75030-R/BGW / L750xW22xH36(mm) 24V 72.0W/72.0W
LTS-4BRH90030-R/BGW / L900xW22xH36(mm) 24V 86.4W/86.4W
* UV & IR light can be customized as required.