LOTS Collimated Back Light Machine Vision Strobe

L217xW217xH27 mm, 24V, 20.2W, RED

LOTS Collimated Back Light Machine Vision Strobe

By retaining the advantages of 2FT series, the Parallel Back Light 2PFT series is specially designed by increasing a parallel film. It emits a highly precious parallel light. It is suitable for high-accuracy components size measurement.

  • Special parallel film design, simple structure, high effect
  • Compact design, high efficiently use the eco-friendly material
  • Import ultrathin paste LED used, high luminance, high uniformity
  • Shell processed by high precision mould, shorten the difference between different batch
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  • Metal column contour measure
  • Glass bottle diameter measure
  • Ceramics column diameter measure
  • Screw thread contour measure
Illumination property diagram (LTS-2PFT100100-W model) & Uniformity (Relative irradiance):
Using method / Option
Imaging instance: contour inspection
Installation method

Coding rules:

(Use the color circles below to get to the specific variant of the products)

Model Color Dimension Voltage Power
LTS-2PFT3030-R/BGW / L44xW44xH19(mm) 24V 0.7W/1.2W
LTS-2PFT5050-R/BGW / L64xW64xH19(mm) 24V 2.4W/3.6W
LTS-2PFT6060-R/BGW / L74xW74xH19(mm) 24V 2.9W/4.8W
LTS-2PFT7070-R/BGW / L84xW84xH19(mm) 24V 3.8W/5.8W
LTS-2PFT7626-R/BGW / L90xW40xH19(mm) 24V 1.0W/1.9W
LTS-2PFT8060-R/BGW / L94xW74xH19(mm) 24V 4.3W/7.2W
LTS-2PFT8080-R/BGW / L94xW94xH19(mm) 24V 4.3W/7.2W
LTS-2PFT9090-R/BGW / L104xW104xH19(mm) 24V 5.8W/9.6W
LTS-2PFT10050-R/BGW / L114xW64xH19(mm) 24V 4.3W/6.5W
LTS-2PFT100100-R/BGW / L114xW114xH19(mm) 24V 7.7W/11.5W
LTS-2PFT11060-R/BGW / L124xW74xH19(mm) 24V 4.3W/7.2W
LTS-2PFT110110-R/BGW / L124xW124xH19(mm) 24V 8.6W/12.9W
LTS-2PFT120120-R/BGW / L134xW134xH19(mm) 24V 9.6W/14.4W
LTS-2PFT12686-R/BGW / L140xW100xH21(mm) 24V 6.7W/11.7W
LTS-2PFT130130-R/BGW / L144xW144xH19(mm) 24V 10.1W/16.8W
LTS-2PFT15070-R/BGW / L178xW84xH19(mm) 24V 7.7W/11.5W
LTS-2PFT150100-R/BGW / L164xW114xH19(mm) 24V 8.6W/14.4W
LTS-2PFT150150-R/BGW / L164xW164xH19(mm) 24V 11.5W/19.2W
LTS-2PFT15756-R/BGW / L171xW70xH19(mm) 24V 5.8W/8.6W
LTS-2PFT16065-R/BGW / L174xW79xH19(mm) 24V 7.9W/10.8W
LTS-2PFT160160-R/BGW / L174xW174xH21(mm) 24V 15.4W/23.0W
LTS-2PFT180100-R/BGW / L194xW114xH21(mm) 24V 10.1W/16.8W
LTS-2PFT180180-R/BGW / L194xW194xH21(mm) 24V 18.7W/28.1W
LTS-3PFT200140-R/BGW / L217xW157xH27(mm) 24V 15.1W/25.2W
LTS-3PFT200200-R/BGW / L217xW217xH27(mm) 24V 20.2W/33.6W
LTS-3PFT220220-R/BGW / L237xW237xH27(mm) 24V 29.0W/42.2W
LTS-3PFT250250-R/BGW / L267xW267xH27(mm) 24V 30.3W/50.4W
LTS-3PFT300164-R/BGW / L317xW181xH27(mm) 24V 25.2W/42.0W
LTS-3PFT300200-R/BGW / L317xW217xH29(mm) 24V 30.2W/50.4W
LTS-3PFT340260-R/BGW / L357xW277xH27(mm) 24V 46.8W/78.0W
* UV & IR light can be customized as required.

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