LOTS Compact Line Scan Light Led Lights

L340xW30xH64 mm, 24V, 25.0W, RED

LOTS Compact Line Scan Light Led Lights

Compact size, can meet the space restrictions and low brightness requirements projects, for the dust on the surface of the display and carton positioning inspection.

  • Use high power paste lamp, high luminance
  • Compact volume, width only 30mm, natural cooling
  • Standard model add the optical film to improve the uniformity
  • High cost-effective, can customize different length you need
  • Use in the application with space limitation and low luminance requirements
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  • Display surface dust inspection
  • Paste label surface defect inspection
  • Packaging carton location inspection
Illumination property diagram (LTS-3LINL380-W model) & Lateral characteristic diagram:

Three types for optional:
Standard model for extensive applications, high uniformity model for bright FOV, and high luminance model for dark FOV.

Installation method:

Coding rules:

(Use the color circles below to get to the specific variant of the products)

Model Color Dimension Voltage Power
LTS-3LINL100-R/BGW / L100xW30xH64(mm) 24V 6.3W
LTS-3LINL140-R/BGW / L140xW30xH64(mm) 24V 9.4W
LTS-3LINL180-R/BGW / L180xW30xH64(mm) 24V 12.5W
LTS-3LINL220-R/BGW / L220xW30xH64(mm) 24V 15.6W
LTS-3LINL260-R/BGW / L260xW30xH64(mm) 24V 18.8W
LTS-3LINL300-R/BGW / L300xW30xH64(mm) 24V 21.9W
LTS-3LINL340-R/BGW / L340xW30xH64(mm) 24V 25.0W
LTS-3LINL380-R/BGW / L380xW30xH64(mm) 24V 28.1W
LTS-3LINL420-R/BGW / L420xW30xH64(mm) 24V 31.2W
LTS-3LINL460-R/BGW / L460xW30xH64(mm) 24V 34.4W
LTS-3LINL500-R/BGW / L500xW30xH64(mm) 24V 37.5W
* UV & IR light can be customized as required.

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