Dome Shadowless Light Machine Lighting

Outer dia. φ116mm, Inner dia. φ25mm, Height 52.41mm, 24V, 6.5W, RED

Dome Shadowless Light Machine Lighting

Making full use of hemisphere diffuse reflection structure; can flash out high-uniformity and high-intensity light; suitable for the inspection of objects which is uneven and light-reflecting

  • High uniformity, large emitting area
  • Lightweight design, high luminance
  • Frame fixed method, more uniform stress, more fastness and more reliable when long time using
  • Flexible outline, can be customized
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  • Reflect light, unflatness surface inspection
  • IC surface character inspection
  • Condenser surface defect inspection
Illumination property diagram (LTS-3DM198-W model) & Uniformity (Relative irradiance):
Imaging instance: IC chip defect inspection:

Coding rules:

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Model Color Dimension Voltage Power
LTS-3DM116-R/BGW / Outer dia. φ116mm, Inner dia. φ25mm, Height 52.41mm 24V 6.5W/11.6W
LTS-3DM175-R/BGW / Outer dia. φ175mm, Inner dia. φ35mm, Height 76.93mm 24V 7.2W/12.0W
LTS-3DM198-R/BGW / Outer dia. φ198mm, Inner dia. φ30mm, Height 88.48mm 24V 12.5W/21.2W
LTS-3DM260-R/BGW / Outer dia. φ260mm, Inner dia. φ48mm, Height 118.98mm 24V 17.3W/28.8W
* UV & IR light can be customized as required.