High Uniformity Line Scan Light Led Japan

L1066xW53xH121.5 mm, 48V, 432W, WHITE

The high uniformity line light is improved on the basis of the high power line light. High-power chip LEDs are adopted and high-uniform diffuser is built in, which effectively solves the problem of uneven illumination. It is applied to occasions of continuous inspection.

  • High power paste LED array design, high luminance
  • Build-in diffuser plate, to make the illumination with high uniformity
  • Length can be customized
  • Fan cooling
  • Printed packing inspection
  • Tile pattern inspection
  • Metal surface defect inspection
  • Plastic component defect inspection
Illumination property diagram (LTS-2LINS300-W model) / Distribution of Relative irradiance / Lateral characteristic diagram:
Imaging instance:printed inspection:
Standard model for extensive applications, high uniformity model for bright FOV, and high luminance model for dark FOV.
Stability design / Installation method:
Effect display (optional):
Test diagram:
Uniformity type and high luminance type contrast:

Coding rules:

(Use the color circles below to get to the specific variant of the products)

Model Color Dimension Voltage Power
LTS-2LINS100-R/BGW / L100xW53xH121.5(mm) 24V 36W
LTS-2LINS140-R/BGW / L140xW53xH121.5(mm) 24V 54W
LTS-2LINS180-R/BGW / L180xW53xH121.5(mm) 24V 72W
LTS-2LINS220-R/BGW / L220xW53xH121.5(mm) 24V 90W
LTS-2LINS260-R/BGW / L260xW53xH121.5(mm) 24V 108W
LTS-2LINS300-R/BGW / L300xW53xH121.5(mm) 24V 126W
LTS-2LINS340-R/BGW / L340xW53xH121.5(mm) 24V 144W
LTS-2LINS380-R/BGW / L380xW53xH121.5(mm) 24V 162W
LTS-2LINS420-R/BGW / L420xW53xH121.5(mm) 24V 180W
LTS-2LINS460-R/BGW / L460xW53xH121.5(mm) 24V 198W
LTS-2LINS500-R/BGW / L500xW53xH121.5(mm) 24V 216W
LTS-2LINS780-R/BGW / L780xW53xH121.5(mm) 24V 342W
LTS-2LINS1066-R/BGW / L1066xW53xH121.5(mm) 48V 432W
LTS-2LINS1200-R/BGW / L1200xW53xH121.5mm) 48V 504W
LTS-2LINS2700-R/BGW / L2700xW53xH121.5(mm) 48V 1080W
* UV & IR light can be customized as required.