LOTS Combined Bar Light Flash

L96xW96xH37 mm, 24V, 2.0W, RED

LOTS Combined Bar Light Flash

Freely consisted of one or more bar lights; the angle of each bar light can be adjusted to achieve different effect.

  • Four sides combined bar light, can illuminate by each side, independent control
  • According to the workpiece needs, to adjust the angle of light
  • Various applications
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  • PCB inspection
  • IC element inspection
  • Tin soldering inspection
  • Mark position location
  • Packing bar code illumination
  • Sphere workpiece illumination
Uniformity (Relative irradiance, LTS-2BRM200-W model):
Imaging instance: metal scratch inspection

Coding rules:

(Use the color circles below to get to the specific variant of the products)

Model Color Dimension Voltage Power
LTS-2BRM96-R/BGW / L96xW96xH37(mm) 24V 2.0W/2.8W
LTS-2BRM130-R/BGW / L130xW130xH37(mm) 24V 4.0W/5.6W
LTS-2BRM160-R/BGW / L160xW160xH37(mm) 24V 5.6W/8.8W
LTS-2BRM200-R/BGW / L200xW200xH37(mm) 24V 7.6W/11.6W
LTS-2BRM230-R/BGW / L230xW230xH37(mm) 24V 9.6W/14.4W
LTS-2BRM290-R/BGW / L290xW290xH37(mm) 24V 13.6W/20.4W
LTS-2BRM285235-R/BGW / L285xW235xH44(mm) 24V 17.2W/28.8W
LTS-2BRM400360-R/BGW / L400xW360xH39(mm) 24V 16.0W/24.8W
LTS-2BRM532352-R/BGW / L532xW382xH46(mm) 24V 23.4W/38.4W
* UV & IR light can be customized as required.

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