LOTS Industrial Led Light Bar

L50xW36xH26 mm, 24V, 1.9W, WHITE

LOTS Industrial Led Light Bar

The shell is designed by aluminum alloy integrated molding; special heat transferring design; multi-option illumination angles and installation way; High-density LED arrays; can be used for a wide range of applications.

  • Small angle LED array design, high luminance
  • Processed by high precision mould, shorten the difference between different batch. high heat transmitting performance
  • Multiple installation method, easy to install
  • Different transmittance diffuser plate optional
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  • Big size LCD panel defect inspection
  • Metal surface defect inspection
  • Printing character defect inspection
  • Connector pin flatness inspection
Illumination property diagram (LTS-2BR15030-W model) & Uniformity (Relative irradiance):
LED direction / Emitting angle / Multiple installation method:
Imaging instance: outlook character inspection

Coding rules:

(Use the color circles below to get to the specific variant of the products)

Model Color Dimension Voltage Power
LTS-2BR3016-R/BGW / L42xW22xH26(mm) 24V 0.5W/0.7W
LTS-2BR6016-R/BGW / L72xW22xH26(mm) 24V 1.0W/1.4W
LTS-2BR9016-R/BGW / L102xW22xH26(mm) 24V 1.4W/2.2W
LTS-2BR12016-R/BGW / L132xW22xH26(mm) 24V 1.9W/2.9W
LTS-2BR15016-R/BGW / L162xW22xH26(mm) 24V 2.4W/3.6W
LTS-2BR18016-R/BGW / L192xW22xH26(mm) 24V 2.9W/4.3W
LTS-2BR21016-R/BGW / L222xW22xH26(mm) 24V 3.4W/5.0W
LTS-2BR24016-R/BGW / L252xW22xH26(mm) 24V 3.8W/5.8W
LTS-2BR27016-R/BGW / L282xW22xH26(mm) 24V 4.3W/6.5W
LTS-2BR30016-R/BGW / L312xW22xH26(mm) 24V 4.8W/7.2W
LTS-2BR33016-R/BGW / L342xW22xH26(mm) 24V 5.3W/7.9W
LTS-2BR36016-R/BGW / L372xW22xH26(mm) 24V 5.8W/8.6W
LTS-2BR39016-R/BGW / L402xW22xH26(mm) 24V 6.2W/9.4W
LTS-2BR42016-R/BGW / L432xW22xH26(mm) 24V 6.7W/10.1W
LTS-2BR45016-R/BGW / L462xW22xH26(mm) 24V 7.2W/10.8W
LTS-2BR48016-R/BGW / L492xW22xH26(mm) 24V 7.7W/11.5W
LTS-2BR51016-R/BGW / L522xW22xH26(mm) 24V 8.2W/12.2W
LTS-2BR2530-R/BGW / L37xW36xH26(mm) 24V 0.7W/1.2W
LTS-2BR5030-R/BGW / L62xW36xH26(mm) 24V 1.4W/2.4W
LTS-2BR7530-R/BGW / L87xW36xH26(mm) 24V 2.2W/3.6W
LTS-2BR10030-R/BGW / L112xW36xH26(mm) 24V 2.9W/4.8W
LTS-2BR12530-R/BGW / L137xW36xH26(mm) 24V 3.6W/6.0W
LTS-2BR15030-R/BGW / L162xW36xH26(mm) 24V 4.3W/7.2W
LTS-2BR17530-R/BGW / L187xW36xH26(mm) 24V 5.0W/8.4W
LTS-2BR20030-R/BGW / L212xW36xH26(mm) 24V 5.8W/9.6W
LTS-2BR22530-R/BGW / L237xW36xH26(mm) 24V 6.5W/10.8W
LTS-2BR25030-R/BGW / L262xW36xH26(mm) 24V 7.2W/12.0W
LTS-2BR27530-R/BGW / L287xW36xH26(mm) 24V 7.9W/13.2W
LTS-2BR30030-R/BGW / L312xW36xH26(mm) 24V 8.6W/14.4W
LTS-2BR32530-R/BGW / L337xW36xH26(mm) 24V 9.4W/15.6W
LTS-2BR35030-R/BGW / L362xW36xH26(mm) 24V 10.1W/16.8W
LTS-2BR37530-R/BGW / L387xW36xH26(mm) 24V 10.8W/18.0W
LTS-2BR40030-R/BGW / L412xW36xH26(mm) 24V 11.5W/19.2W
LTS-2BR42530-R/BGW / L437xW36xH26(mm) 24V 12.2W/24.0W
LTS-2BR45030-R/BGW / L462xW36xH26(mm) 24V 13.0W/21.6W
LTS-2BR47530-R/BGW / L487xW36xH26(mm) 24V 13.7W/22.8W
LTS-2BR50030-R/BGW / L512xW36xH26(mm) 24V 14.4W/24.0W
LTS-2BR3830-R/BGW / L50xW36xH26(mm) 24V 1.0W/1.9W
LTS-2BR60030-R/BGW / L612xW36xH26(mm) 24V 17.3W/28.8W
LTS-2BR80030-R/BGW / L812xW36xH26(mm) 24V 23.0W/38.4W
LTS-2BR90030-R/BGW / L912xW36xH26(mm) 24V 25.9W/43.2W
LTS-2BR100030-R/BGW / L1012xW36xH26(mm) 24V 28.8W/48.0W
LTS-2BR120030-R/BGW / L1212xW36xH26(mm) 24V 34.6W/57.6W
LTS-2BR180030-R/BGW / L1812xW36xH26(mm) 24V 51.9W/86.4W
* UV & IR light can be customiz

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